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High performance filtration.

98% of air-borne contamination are smaller than 1 micron.
These are billions of invisible and microscopic toxins, chemicals,
allergens, VOC’s, ultrafine dust, molds, spores and more.
Standard air filters only remove particles that are 2.5 microns
or larger. ALVI’s active polarized technology removes particles
that are .007 microns and larger delivering truly clean air to your
home. And bonus – ALVI filter cartridges are made
70% of recycled materials.

Fits all 1" filter slots.

The ALVI home system can fit in any furnace, a/c unit
and air return/intake with a 1” slot. It is available in over
50 standard sizes – the most popular sizes for homes
across North America – but if you are unsure of the
dimensions, please email

ALVI is made in over 50
different sizes.

Tested. Certified. Approved.

Improved air circulation.

We all have that one room in our home that doesn't
heat up or cool down like the rest. ALVI's low density
filter cartridge allows for better circulation to all corners
to the home.

Technical specifications.

Our responsibility is sustainability.

What's in the box?

The ALVI home system and the power adapter is a one-time purchase, while
the ALVI Filter Cartridge is replaced as needed and disposable.

How to install ALVI.

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